Generations of women’s voices and stories of their role in the feeding and clothing of our nation have gone untold. Thank you to our sponsors for their support and passion in taking an active role in placing America's female farmers back in the story.


Friends of the Farmer

National farmers union

Our Mission:

To advocate for the economic and social well-being, and quality of life of family farmers, ranchers, fishermen and consumers and their communities through education, cooperation and legislation. National Farmers Union advocates sustainable production of food, fiber, feed and fuel.


Highland Precision Ag

Highland Precision Ag assists farmers with every aspect of growing their crops. We are dedicated to providing farmers with the data and assistance they need on a daily basis. From a full-service lab, integrated pest management team, food safety compliance program, and farm management software - HPA is empowering growers to make decisions from the ground up.


The Grange, Issaquah

For the Farmer in All of Us!™

The Grange has served our Farm, Ranch, Garden and Pet communities since 1934.

The members, shoppers and staff of The Grange recognize the drought of history regarding the creativity, grit and determination of our country’s woman farmers.

We aim to help set the record straight.

Hope to see y’all at The Grange!