Generations of women’s voices and stories of their role in the feeding and clothing of our nation have gone untold. Thank you to our sponsors for their support and passion in taking an active role in placing America's female farmers back in the story.


Friends of the Farmer


National farmers union

Our Mission:

To advocate for the economic and social well-being, and quality of life of family farmers, ranchers, fishermen and consumers and their communities through education, cooperation and legislation. National Farmers Union advocates sustainable production of food, fiber, feed and fuel.


public Market goods

When you wear a Public Market t-shirt or carry one of our bags, you’re supporting U.S. cotton growers and manufacturers, as well as a handful of small businesses around the country — many of which are owned by women and minorities.



The Highland Precision Ag team offers a suite of precision agriculture products and services that assist growers in reaching their management and production goals. From aerial imagery to soil surveys and plant pathology, our field teams and 24/7 laboratories can quickly assess and analyze crop growth in order to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information about their farms. In addition to our agriculture technology offerings, we also provide marketing and web design services that work to connect growers to consumers, while highlighting their efforts to provide quality products and decrease their environmental footprint.