Meet the crew

Our Emmy award-winning team comes from a variety of backgrounds and interests, ranging from film production to business development. 


Audra Mulkern, executive producer/host

For the past five years, Audra’s work has focused on farmers, the way they sustain and cultivate the earth, and the people they feed. Through photography, community engagement, or serving as a spokesperson for the local food-to-table movement, Audra strives to create new pathways of thinking around issues of community and farming, to change pre-conceived concepts, and to capture the work farmers do to feed the world. Her current work focuses on the rise of women in farming and how they are transforming our food systems. Audra is the Seattle-based founder of “The Female Farmer Project,” a photographic and story-centric chronicle that bears witness to the rise of women in agriculture. In 2012, she stood in the middle of a farmers’ market and had an epiphany. She saw women everywhere—growing food, raising livestock, making cheese. They were stewarding a vibrant local economy. They were at the forefront of the food movement. The visibility of these female farmers made Audra question the gender stereotypes inherent in agriculture, and prompted her to dig deeper. With a background at a major software company in business development and marketing, she may have seemed an unlikely candidate to become the leading documentarian of this blossoming agricultural movement. But in many ways, it made sense - she has created deep roots in a rural farming community, and had witnessed widespread gender stereotyping and discrimination in the technology industry. 


Kara Rowe, Executive Producer/Producer

Raised on a wheat and cattle ranch in Eastern Washington, Kara has worked in television and video for nearly 20 years with experience in national, regional, and local projects. She specializes in agriculture, history, outdoor and natural resource topics. She is an accomplished writer and photographer and served as editor of Wheat Life magazine for many years. Kara has written numerous scripts for both entertainment, non-profit and commercial pieces. She also co-created and produced long-format television shows such as the Outdoor Channel’s Montana Secrets and the Emmy winning regional program, Washington Grown. She was name a Western Innovator by the Capital Press in 2014. Recently, Kara wrote and produced the documentary, The Gamble: The Washington Potato Story. Kara still has ties to her family farm and serves on the Spokane Agribusiness Council, Farm Forum Committee and is a member of the Washington Association of Wheat Growers and Washington Cattlemen's Association. She is also a member of the Washington State Historical Society.


David tanner, Executive Producer /Director

David Tanner is one of the founders of North by Northwest and currently serves as its CEO. With more than 25 years in the industry, he has worked in multiple capacities on numerous feature films and TV shows.  Currently he is the show runner and Executive Producer of the popular Emmy winning TV series Washington Grown now in it’s 6th Season.  He also recently directed the documentary, The Gamble: The Washington Potato Story which aired on PBS regionally in 2017.